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Menú di Pasqua a Casa Nostra

IMG_3355Menu for Easter at our house- the Easter meal is usually centered around a baby lamb - we had a whole baby goat from a cheesemaker in Cascia.

Colazione (breakfast):  the ONE and ONLY day of the year that Italians don't eat sweets for breakfast - I don't know why...
  • La Coratella - goat innard stew
  • Pizza di Pasqua- a  bread made with lots of cheese and lard
  • hard boiled eggs - I had colors sent from the States
  • Salami
  • Coffee
  • Vernaccia - sweet wine from our town, Cannara
Pranzo (lunch):  the main meal of the day
  • Paparadelle with goat and artichoke ragu
  • fried goat chops
  • fried artichokes
  • Easter chocolate
Cena (dinner):  if you can still eat...
  • roasted goat
  • boiled asparagus with lemon and olive oil
  • La Colomba - a sweet bready cake shaped like a dove
Pasquetta (the day after Easter):
  • roasted split goat head
  • leftovers



You haven't lived until you've eaten split goat head Michelle! ;-)


I have to say, I haven't been a fan of the pizza di Pasqua, but then today someone told me to have it WITH the vernaccia. A revelation! I enjoyed your post, because while I've had two Easter breakfasts (with blessed eggs!) in Umbria, I haven't had the rest, it was nice to know more about lunch and dinner. I think I'm still too American for split goat head, so perhaps it's good that I was spared.

Laina Hill

Jen Do you have the recipe for the fried artichoke? Do you just use the hearts? How do you cook them, I love the hearts and I also love to dip the leaves in olive oil. The table looks inviting and very tasteful.

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