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December 13, 2011



Thanks Bianca! (I don't know how you made it through a double immigration!)I hope you are all doing well in Canada, and I hope to meet you if you ever make it back to the Bel Paese!

Bianca Gignac

Ha, this is hilarious. I lived in Italy for just two years, then we moved back to Canada (because we really felt the need to go through the whole immigration thing twice in 2 years --hubby is Italian). I had a smile on while reading your whole post. Yes, petty and trivial things are life of a villager. And it isn't easy to accept. I lived in La Spezia, but my best friend, also an expat, lived just next door in Riomaggiore. Her life was quite different to my "city" life. I am going to post this on facebook to let her see it. Thanks! Bianca


Alexandra: I draw the line at the sheets, but I have to admit that I do feel guilty when I send my daughter to the asilo nido with crumply sheets! ;-)


Wait, are you telling me that in other places people DON't iron their tshirts for the gym? you iron sheets too, right?

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