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January 28, 2014


Annette Piper

Love it :) I live outside a little country town in rural Australia and its exactly the same... just in English!!

Sylvia van der Male

This sounds so familiair. Living in a little village in Umbria. Everybody knows who you are and what you are doing. Last year, when I lived in Tuscany in a little village I trained for a marathon.. I ran almost every day. And people knew who I was! Where I worked and what I did. Ofcourse. And it was Summer and nobody runs in the heating ;). Crazy. I was the flying Dutch woman! But I made some friends and everybody is very helpfull indead.

See you soon in the Summer season! Sylvia from Villa in Umbria


love the story! thanks for sharing ♥


Haha Anna - I had a similar "cold" experience when I lived in "the city" of Foligno (pop. 50,000), 10km from the town I live in now. They all acted like they were from Milan or something. Now that I live in a small, non-touristic town, everybody knows that they are small town folks and accept that, and therefore have no pretenses. As for the cleaning- no one cleans like the women from the South! Once when I was very pregnant, I had a woman from Naples come and clean my house - she cleaned things that I didn't even know you could clean! ;-)


So funny! I lived in a town in Piemonte where I had the opposite experience because they were all so cold. They checked me out for years until they finally realized I was a good person and a good "straniera" and started saying hi to me finally.

Then I moved to another town which is more "open" and my apartment building is full of southerners. I love exchanging fresh eggs for homemade pizza etc. But once my neighbor came in and saw all my dirty dishes in the kitchen and started getting closer. Embarrassed I said...oh it's hard without a dishwasher and I never have any time. She told me to give them to her in a baccinella and she would do them for me in her dishwasher! I refused but she kept barging in to take them. I finally had to give in and she washed all my dishes! haha

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