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Philly Phaves

I took a last minute trip to Philly to celebrate Turkey Day, and to see family and friends before I start my new adventure with Basiliko (I think I'll be lucky to see the light of day in the coming months).  Here are some of my favorite moments:

Best Brews:  Philly is definately a beer-drinkin kind of town...

  • Carl's homebrew:  my friend Carl has been homebrewing for about 6 or 7 years now - this year's Oatmeal Stout was by far his best!
  • Triumph Brewerytheir Coffee & Cream Stout is almost better than dessert
  • Dogfish Head Brewery: dare I borrow from Miller Hi-Life and call Dogfish's Chateau Jiahu the "Champagne of Beers"... its sooo fabulous....

Best Meal: yes, Thanksgiving is always great, and I ate at a few good spots in Philly...but the best was the Grilled Cheese with tomato and bacon from the Keswick Diner in Glenside.  Its a classic.  It was perfect.

  • runners-up:   all the asian/indian/mexican food I managed to stuff into my face - I will be bringing Chinese food on the plane back to Italy.

Doggy Style:  the funniest things I saw this trip all had to do with dogs:  a hot dog stand called "Who's Ya Dawggy?";  a dread-locked, rastafarian dog - you could practically hear the Bob Marley; and the Pekinese from the Philadelphia Dog Show - you had to see it - too cute!

Favorite Pastime:  doing laundry - god bless driers - I think I did laundry almost everyday, just because I could....

Couch Potato:  I forgot how good TV in english could be!  I watched marathons of Project Runway, and Top Chef.  My favorite bonehead Top Chef moments...

  • the "executive chef" of Oceanaire not knowing how to cook trout in front of Eric Ripert - priceless
  • "mohawk guy" saying that, in his opinion, one should put a 10-12 hour braise on venison shanks - dude, you'd be lucky if you were left with dust after 10-12 hours.
  • Casey putting some form of fish roe on practically every single dish to make it "fancy"
  • Rocco DiSpirito lamely trying to say that he helped prepare the dish by Hung, which Todd English dubbed 3-star Michelin - keep grabbing at straws, Rocco...

Most Ridiculous: 

  • getting the bill at Coquette in Philly - $120 - I don't know who they think they are, but that is ridiculous - good, but nothing special French Bistro food (I think there are almost as many "french bistros" in Philly, as there are Starbucks.)  Oh, and I was served raw potatoes twice.
  • I paid $2.68 for an espresso
  • CNN showing a split screen of breaking news:  on the left were wild fires in California - there was no sound for this.  However, on the right, was footage of shoppers at the malls - obviously more important than forest fires burning down people's homes, is hearing about the freaks who line up at the mall at 4am, and the "hottest" "must-have" useless gadget.  Only in America...



I was just back in Philly last month and did a lot of beer drinking. I was nice to have a choice again- oh that and burgers and Mexican food. I agree with you there are a lot of overpriced not so good places in Philly. Couquette is one of them for sure- do remember when that used to be a Thai place?

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