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From the Jet Set ... to the Donkey Set

Il Siciliano
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We just got back from almost a month of travelling NYC, Seattle, and Sicily. Its like going to 3 different planets...different time zones, different types of people, different lifestyles, very different ways of thinking.

In New York we were hosted by our good friends and sellers of Federico's oil, the Di Palo's in Little Italy/Chinatown. We kept things pretty low key - we were just there for 3 days, and I was getting over the flu...plus, as always, August in New York can be pretty unbearable. We went to Central Park, Times Square, the Village, saw a broadway show...the usual stuff. We ate at Bacaro and Il Buco , plus the usual assortment of asian food and hot dogs.  And, of course, we remained mesmerized by all of the crazy sh*t one witnesses in NY.

From the Big Apple we took a leisurely 6 hour flight to the Emerald City,  Seattle - land of contradictions (also my home for 5 years).  Home to corporate giants Microsoft, Boeing and Starbucks, it also houses some of the largest "green" anti-"the man" active groups around.

This trip turned into a game of "How many 10 course meals can one eat in a week?"  A lot.
We feasted at Boat Street CafeThe Corson BuildingKurtwood FarmsManekiLa Carta de Oaxaca, and a  Ritrovo hosted evening at  Tulio Just throw that wedding diet right out the window...... We were exhausted after this marathon, not only eating about 10 times more than usual, but also 2-3 hours earlier that usual - something I really like about living in Italy is the fact that no one eats before 8:00, and in the summer, even later.  This July at Baskilk√≥, our first tables rarely came in before 9:30 - no wasting daylight!!!

Going Green:  a trip to Seattle is just not complete if you don't get out of the city and into the beautiful surrounding islands and mountains.  Before dinner at Kurtwood, we spent the day scavenging the beaches of Vashon Island.   Then, I had the bright idea to go to  Rainier - Fede's never been.  Always check the weather and the status of the mountain before going.  I had visions of laying in meadows of wildflowers...but this was not too be.  Summer did not come to Rainier this year.  There was snow in Paradise!

A quick 26 hour trip, and we were back in Foligno, ready to depart for La Bella Sicilia....


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