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Back to Basics

Pane. Pasta. Pizza.  When my daughter began to speak, these were her 3 favorite words... and I think we can assume that they are probably the 3 favorite words of most Italians, as they sum up the fundamentals of the Italian food culture.  And their common thread?  Wheat... now, where would Italian food be without their own amber waves of grain?

Granarium:  Il Pane Buono KM 0

I recently stumbled upon a new bread bakery practically in my own backyard, in the little village of Cantalupo, between Cannara and Bevagna.  But it is not just a bakery, Granarium is a full circle, family-run farm and flour mill which produces it's own bread from it's own grain, start to finish - the first and only of it's kind in Umbria.  Their motto is:  Il pane buono a Km 0, or Good Bread at 0 km - real locavores!

The idea had been milling

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