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 IMG_7242My bumper crop of lemons this year has me begging the question:  am I in Sorrento or Cannara (thanks global warming!)??  Well, I'm definitely not in Sorrento.... but that doesn't mean I can't do lots of fun things with the abundance of citrus fruits right now.  Obviously, the fruit I use comes from southern Italy, in particular from Sicily.  Since we are expecting a new addition to our family (any minute now!), I won't be making my annual pilgrimage to Verona to get my favorite candied fruits to make my Easter Pastiera (yes, I'm already thinking about Easter lunch); so I decided to take a stab at making my own candied citrus peels - time consuming, but simple.  I also made a citrus marmellata and was left with some flavored simple syrups as a by product from my peels to use in the future. Citrus

But first, the peels....

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