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Ciao Thyme Grand Culinary Intensive 2013

Well, it seems like summer is never going to arrive in Umbria this year, so I might as well just start thinking about the fall....

We are already gearing up for our 3rd Annual Ciao Thyme Culinary Intensive Tour of Umbria!

Every year Mataio, Jessica and myself take an intimate group of 8 on an eno-gastronomic adventure through Umbria to discover the best food artisans of the area.

Highlights include:

  • Hands-on cooking classes, learning how to make local dishes
  • Cheese-making: fresh sheeps milk ricotta and goat cheese
  • Visiting a Chianina farm complete with a butchery demonstration, explanation of salumi-making and bringing home the prized Bisteccha Fiorentina
  • Tour of a local pasta factory
  • Wine Tasting and vineyard lunch at an organic winery in Torgiano
  • Saffron picking in the mountains
  • Particpating in the olive harvest:  start to finish - picking the olives, bringing them to the mill, and tasting the freshly pressed olive oil
  • and much, much more!

The group will stay in a gorgeous 14th century restored convent in the hills above the Umbrian valley for most of the trip before tranferring to a noble palazzo nestled deep in the Umbrian mountains.

For more information and to reserve a coveted place on this tour, October 14-24, 2013, please contact Jessica and Mataio via email at Ciao Thyme.