Weekend Escape: Naples & Pozzuoli (part 2)
Spring Tour USA 2016 - Events Schedule

Spring Tour USA 2016!

As some of you already know we are planning our big US Tour!  In each city we will be holding private dinners, Terre Margaritelli wine tastings, Trampetti olive oil tastings, cooking classes and much more!  Below you will find the dates for each city, if you would like to organize a private wine dinner (minimum 8 people), send me an email and we will do our best to accommodate you.  Follow along on my social media for our upcoming event calendar!

Seattle: February 5-12

Nashville: February 15-17

Washington DC: February 19-28

Grand Cayman: March 1-11

Philadelphia/NYC area: March 13-23



Ciao Leslie! We really tried to work in San Francisco (I even have family there) but just couldn't make it work (we will have my kids in tow). Hopefully next year though! I look forward to hearing from you about May!

Leslie Baker

Hello Jennifer,
Sorry that San Francisco isn't on your list! I am planning to bring a group of women to Umbria in May and will be in touch soon regarding possible activities with Life...Italian Style. I hope you and Federico have a wonderfully successful US tour. Maybe San Francisco/Marin/Napa on your next visit!
Leslie Baker

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