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10 Years of Good Times...


10 years ago today I landed in Italy.  10 years ago nothing was open on Sundays.  Now, not only is the supermarket in my little village open on Sunday mornings, but I can even find sushi (crappy sushi, but hey, it’s a start!).  So many things have changed.  The country has changed, I have changed.  I did a complete 360 going from my crazy, fast paced city life, to my crazy, a little less fast paced country life.  I left the frustrating politics and bureaucracy of the US for the even more frustrating politics and bureaucracy of Italy.  I learned how to drive stick shift, I learned how to ride a horse.  I opened two businesses, I had two kids.  I learned to live in a new language.  And as I would have anywhere, I have experienced births and deaths, love and loss, laughter and tears, the comings and goings of friendships old and new.
The grass is always greener on the other side and as many envy my ‘life in Italy’, Italians envy the life they think I should be living back in the States!  There is no perfect place to live - if there was, we would all be there.  I always say, I am in the right place for me at this point in my life.
I wanted to create a collage of photos, but who could pick from 10 years - there are just too many moments and too many people to include.  So I chose this photo… kind of that daily balance of sinking and swimming… and to quote Good Times, because through it all there have been a lot of good times… Keepin’ your head above water, Makin’ a wave when you can.



thanks Nancy!


ha ha!

Michael LaPlaca

Stay in Italy for at least the next 4 years.

Nancy Leson

I love everything about this post. Happy New Year, bella!

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