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Menu di Pasqua a Casa Nostra

Menu for Easter at our house- the Easter meal is usually centered around a baby lamb - we had a whole baby goat from a cheesemaker in Cascia.

Colazione (breakfast): the ONE and ONLY day of the year that Italians don't eat sweets for breakfast - I don't know why...

La Coratella - goat innard stew

Pizza di Pasqua- a bread made with lots of cheese and lard hard boiled eggs - I had colors sent from the States



Vernaccia - sweet wine from our town, Cannara

Pranzo (lunch): the main meal of the day

Paparadelle with goat and artichoke ragu

fried goat chops

fried artichokes

Easter chocolate

Cena (dinner): if you can still eat...

roasted goat

boiled asparagus with lemon and olive oil

La Colomba - a sweet bready cake shaped like a dove

Pasquetta (the day after Easter):

roasted split goat head



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