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The Year in Review

One year and 2 days ago, I arrived in Italy and turned a new page in my life - looking back, its been quite a year! In 2007 I ....

moved to Italy

learned to speak Italian, abbastanza bene...

experienced a little culture shock

survived working at Il Bacco Felice with Salvatore, and probably enlarged my liver a little doing so...

turned the big 3-0

adopted 2 kittens, Lilla and 'Cinot

ook a month-long motorcycle trip, through the Balkans, and helped orphans in Montenegro learn how to cook (new years resolution: finish writing about that)

worked the Trampetti Olive Harvest , and learned that age truly is all in the mind

opened Basilikó Trattoria here in Foligno

to follow along visually, check out my Flickr photo site .

Buon Capodanno a Tutti !!!!

Originally posted December 2007

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